Positive Behavior Locker

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School Wide Positive Behavior Plan

Good Character Assemblies

Cahuenga Cougars are honored every month for following the 3 - B's and displaying  exceptionally good character traits.

Congratulations to all our monthly winners in the areas of Responsibility, Respect, Safety, Kindness, Honesty, Fairness, Cooperation, Perseverance , and Empathy.

Good Character Assemblies occur the last week of the month at 8:30 am in the multi-purpose room. Winners receive a certificate, special recognition from classroom teachers, and their photographs are prominently displayed in our lobby of school awards.

Caught Being Good


Every day students are receiving positive reinforcement for doing something good.

Anytime a student is caught in the act of doing something GOOD they receive a raffle ticket for a special lunch with the Principal.

Students may receive tickets for listening to the teacher, sitting quietly, playing nicely with others, being polite, being helpful, helping to beautify the campus, or for any other GOOD act.

The Caught Being Good Raffles occur monthly during our Good Character Assemblies.

Good Manner Awards

Cahuenga recognizes GOOD MANNERS every day. 

Classes receive good manners awards for lining up nicely, walking up and down the stairs in an orderly fashion, cleaning up after themselves during the lunch,  remaining in their play areas, or any other time the whole classroom is displaying good manners.

Classes collecting 10 awards qualify for a special classroom celebration. 

Anti-Bully Zone

Guiding Principals for the School Community

1. Respect

  • I treat others the way I want to be treated

2. Responsibility

  • I take responsibility for my actions

3. Appreciation of Differences

  • I look for the good in others

4. Honesty

  • I tam honest with myself and others

5. Safety

  • I engage in safe activities

6. Life-Long Learning

  • I come to school prepared to learn

Guiding Principals

Behavior Policy

All students are expected to follow school rules to maintain a positive school environment that is conducive towards allowing every student to be a successful learner able to reach their full potential.

Cahuenga strives to promote a positive behavior, however failure to follow school rules may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Warning
  • Time-out
  • No recess play time
  • No lunch playtime
  • Note Home to Parents
  • Phone Call to Parents
  • Visitation to another classroom with student work
  • Disciplinary action by the Principal or Administrative Designee


  • Every person should be Responsible and actively help keep our campus clean
  • Every person should be Respectful to students and adults
  • Every person should be actively Safe while on campus reporting any hazardous situation to the office immediately
  • Students will be responsible and not bring skateboards, skates, scooters, bicycles and other TOYS to school
  • Students will be responsible and not bring Ipods, playstation, or other electronic games to school
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in classrooms or on the playground
  • Every person should be respectful and not use vulgar or profane language
  • Every person should be responsible and actively prevent Bullying
  • Weapons or TOY weapons are NOT permitted and may be cause for suspension or expulsion per LAUSD policy

In The Classroom

  • Each child is expected to follow classroom rules established by the teacher and adhere to consequences for not following the rules

On The Playground Yard Students will

  • Be responsible and stay in assigned areas
  • Be safe and walk to and from the yard
  • Be respectful when playing with others
  • Be safe and not run or play with sharp objects like pencils
  • Be responsible and report disputes to yard supervisors
  • Be respectful and take care of school playground equipment
  • Be respectful and be a good sport when winning or losing
  • Be responsible and return playground equipment to the storage bins
  • Be respectful and listen to the directions of yard supervisors

In the Cafeteria Area Students will:

  • Be safe and walk to lunch area and walk to the cafeteria windows or to lunch tables
  • Be responsible and clean up after themselves
  • Be respectful and not scream or yell
  • Be responsible and wait to be excused
  • Be responsible and remain in their assigned eating areas during their lunch time
  • Be responsible and not play in the cafeteria area

On the Apparatus Students will:

  • Be safe and not play tag
  • Be safe and not grab, push, or hang on other students
  • Be safe with the slide by using it one at a time
  • Be safe and not use other playground equipment like hula-hoops

In the Bathrooms Students will:

  • Be responsible and not play
  • Be safe and not run
  • Be respectful and not disturb other students 
  • Be respectful and keep it clean